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Submitted on
July 2, 2004
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Closed to the lights
Of familiar remedy.
Pulled into
Pushing through
Cruel cycle passing.

The invisible weeper casts blue  
Inviting the streets to a dance.
Detached eyes contain reflection.
Surrender among the alleyways.

Past the weeper and her clouds
Beyond the roads of dying days.
Diverging fates deny incline.
Succumbing will of wait engage.

One score plus ten and four
Five and Five ‘till doubles squared.
Horizons sing on days decline.
When mort d'été passes prime.
I'm sorry I haven't submitted in a while, I'll give you all something more on the visual side later as soon as I feel inspired to... start up my scanner =D . I hope you enjoy this, it's more late night poetry... have fun interpreting Alisa =P
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